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We believe in giving first, so here’s a ready-to-use sample from our paid for InnerLifeSkills ACTP-Accredited Master Coach Certification program. Get a sample teaching from every short course module included in our 1-year program.

  • Learn 3 critical coaching skills.
  • 3 ways to explain what coaching is (so others get it).
  • The neuroscience of how to motivate people.
  • Pure vs blended coaching (which are you?)
  • 1 easy active listening method.
  • What ICF coaching presence means.
  • How to soften the edge of coaching questions.
  • Using perceptual spaces to deepen your coaching.
  • How to introduce the Enneagram to a client.
  • 1 Business coaching framework to attract clients.
  • The ABCs Somatic Intuition Coaching Method (a favourite).
  • 3 Intuition warm-up exercises to facilitate.
  • Personal Power Wholeness coach script and worksheet. 
  • Relationship Coaching ‘equal to’ bridge process.
  • Systemic Coaching ‘Belonging’ guided visualization.
  • Purpose Coaching ‘Being Quest vs Doing Quest’ process.
  • 7-Step Dream Builder ‘Identity’ process to brainstorm viable business, brand and product ideas.
Master Coach Certification Sample Manual InnerLifeSkills

Learn Master Coaching the InnerLifeSkills way


So, you’ve decided to become a professional internationally certified coach? And you’re exploring top Master Coaching programs (which means you’re committed to this inspiring career path), brilliant!

Our Master Coaches have maximum creative flexibility and can empower their clients at the highest levels. But choosing a master coach certification program right for you isn’t easy (there’s a big investment of time, money and effort on the line).

On this page, find the info you need to consider us as your training provider.

What critical coaching skills do you need?

These days all professional coaches completing an accredited certification learn these critical coaching skills.

  • 1. Rapport Skills (trust building).
  • 2. Questioning Skills (the art and science of asking empowering questions.
  • 3. Coach Presence Skills (remaining centred and professional even in tough conversations.

This is why we teach them in Coach 101, our online foundational live coaching Zoom course, along with a 3-Step Method to add scaffolding to any coached conversation.

We’ve found over the decades that the 3 Critical Skills, plus our 3-Step Method (taught in Coach 101), fast tracks our coaches to acquiring their ICF Core Competencies (which can be confusing and complex).

Should you choose a niche before you start?

This is one of the biggest, most costly (coaching dream-killing) mistakes we see. The mainstream advice given to most new coaches is to:

1. Choose a NICHE 2. Create an OFFER, then 3. LAUNCH yourself out there using digital marketing or networking.

A niche is ONLY important for MARKETING. It’s for the SHOP WINDOW, not the shop. You can severely limit yourself if you try to choose a niche too soon. When I mentor certified coaches who can’t find clients, I ask, “Are you trying to choose one niche and stick to it?” Almost all say, “Yes, how did you know?”

They feel stuck. Meanwhile, my graduate InnerLifeSkills Master Coaches hear me rant so often about this that they “un-niche” themselves. They show up relaxed and trusting their multi-niche toolboxes. This frees them to CUSTOM-BUILD coaching solutions for the person in front of them.

Why life coaching is not enough.

My students roll their eyes when they hear me say this for the umpteenth time, “Don’t sell coaching; tell people where your coaching takes them.”

When you travel to a beautiful paradise island, you don’t want to see photos of the aeroplane; you want to see the pristine beaches. People don’t care HOW we get them there; they want to know WHERE we take them. What’s the transformation? What’s the change we can bring?

This is why I tell my graduate Master Coaches, “Rather add life coaching to your list of services and create a unique coaching BRAND than call yourself a Life Coach.”

I also suggest a multi-niche toolbox of the BIG 4 Life Coaching + Executive + Business + Enneagram Coaching for maximum income potential.

Our InnerLifeSkills speciality toolboxes: Intuition, Personal Power, Relationship, Systemic, Purpose and Dream Builder Coaching will add more client-attracting power and freedom.

There are exceptions, but this works well.

Can you blend Master Coaching with mentoring, consulting or therapy?

Yes. Just know when you put on your coaching hat to draw from the strength of pure, no-advice giving coaching. And when you are switching to advice-giving, leading, consulting and teaching.

We train many Managers as Coaches, psychologists, consultants, financial planners and healers.


Who studies Master Coach Certification?

Natural Coaches who want to go pro with internationally accredited MCC-level certification.

Professionals who want to add sought-after ICF benchmarked coaching competencies to their existing work: managers, leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, and psychologists.

Working Coaches who are working towards ICF ACC, PCC and MCC credentialing and who want multi-niche speciality toolboxes and guidance to grow their coaching business.

With InnerLifeSkills Master Coach you’ll get progressive training from foundation skills (Coach 101) to ICF Competencies (Global Coach) to a unique toolbox (Intuition, Relationship, Systemic, Purpose and Enneagram Coach) plus Business Building mentoring. Also, live coaching training for in-the-moment feedback, mentoring and practice time in class with your community of fellow coaches.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


Picture yourself with a successful Master Coach Business. Free to enjoy making a living AND making a difference. That’s what InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Certification helps you to achieve.

This 1-year live coaching course, where you attend weekly Zoom classes and receive expert mentoring and personalized feedback, contains everything you need to succeed as an in-demand go-to Master Coach:

3 Critical Coaching Skills + 3-Step Method

You’ll start coaching on day 1 of Coach 101 (your first live coaching class), learning 3 Critical Skills and a very flexible 3-Step Method (think conversation scaffolding) to confidently coach anyone, anywhere, on any goal.

Reframe someone’s mindset from negative to positive, powerless to empowered, unclear to clear and unfocused to focused in minutes. Coach decision-making using a visual thinking method and generate inspired motivation.

ICF Core Competencies + Unique Ready-to-Coach Professional Processes

Apply ICF Core Competencies (global gold standards) to coach goals, action plans and accountability. Then add powerful unique processes like the popular InnerLifeSkills Kite to your toolbox to transform inner obstacles like procrastination, lack of focus, fear, shame or resistance.

Confidently charge for your coaching because you have the skills and toolbox to serve. Our Global Coach 3 month module (part of your 1-year certification) gives you everything you need to coach anyone, anywhere in the world with confidence and credibility.

Offer popular Enneagram Coaching + Typing services.

More than a million people search Google to find their Enneagram Type per month in the USA alone. The demand for the Enneagram is high. So we’ve ensured you leave your Master Coach course with this empowering toolbox.

We teach the Enneagram in a decluttered, deep way. Start with Enneagram 101, then complete Enneagram Coach to offer 90-minute typing sessions to individuals and teams.

Unlock your earning potential with 6 Speciality Coaching Toolboxes

After interviewing our most successful Master Coach graduates (5-15 years of 5-star ratings, who won 1-2 year coaching contracts), we were shocked. Not a single one of them had a single niche.

The secret to their success was their big multi-niche toolbox and hyper-flexible master-level skills, which allowed them to CUSTOM BUILD 3-12 month coaching solutions for the client in front of them.

This means they:

  • Unlock earning potential.
  • Are free from selling 1 hour to 1 client (a big trap).
  • Serve clients at such high levels that clients refer you.
  • Succeed without needing any marketing or websites.

That’s why we love teaching these 6 Speciality Coaching Short Course Toolboxes [uniquely from InnerLifeSkills]:

  1. Intuition Coaching
  2. Personal Power Coaching
  3. Relationship Coaching
  4. Systemic Coaching
  5. Purpose Coaching
  6. Dream Builder Coaching


Learn how to START, then SCALE your successful coaching business.

Having skills and certification is not enough; no clients = no coaching dream.

That just won’t do.

During the ABB Business Coach program (included in your 207-hour Master Coach Certification), we guide you step-by-step to avoid costly mistakes, develop your brand, find and test great coaching product ideas, get out there with confidence to attract coaching clients in an ethical (no cheesy) natural way.

You get many templates and checklists (for websites, presentations and pitches) and, more importantly, a bi-monthly 2-hour mastermind class to feel your group’s love, learn from each other and receive priceless feedback to get unstuck and succeed.

MASTER COACH MCC 207 ACTP Certification

InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Certification empowers you with:









In addition to your ACTP prized certification, you also receive these 11 Certifications.

In 1 year, you could have all of these client-attracting short course certifications:

  1. Coach 101
  2. Enneagram 101
  3. Global Coach
  4. Enneagram Coach
  5. Intuition Coach
  6. Personal Power Coach
  7. Relationship Coach
  8. Systemic Coach
  9. Purpose Coach
  10. Dream Builder Coach
  11. Business Coach

Once you complete your final performance evaluations, your ACTP (ICF Accredited Coach Training Program) is worth 207 hours, a door-opening respected professional certification.

Each course gives you ready-to-coach unique processes, multi-niche freedom, and the confidence to coach anyone at Master Coach levels. We’ll guide you and give you expert feedback at every step.

Click the image to download a PDF infographic to find out if this Master Coach Certification path is for you.

InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Certification = multi-niche earning power so you can offer professional Life Coaching + Business Coaching + Enneagram Coaching + Executive Coaching.

PLUS Intuition, Relationship, Personal Power, Systemic, Purpose and Dream Builder Coaching.

Don’t take our word for it

Real InnerLifeSkills Master Coach students share their experience with the live certification course and how it’s helped their careers.

Volker Certified Life Coach
5 star reviewed rating
Certified Life Coach Shruti
5 star reviewed rating

What accreditation does your certification include?

  • 207 hours ACTP (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
      • 168 hours ICF Core Competencies
      • 39 hours ICF Resource Development
      • 165 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
      • 42 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
      • 20 Mentor Hours (for invaluable personal guidance)
      • 6 Observed Coaching Sessions with written feedback
Life Coach Certification
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