Melanie Raizon

Personal Development Life Coach Executive Business Coach
Organizational Trainer
Licensed Trainer of InnerLifeSkills


Liberating your potential facilitating the realization of personal and professional success.

I customize personal and professional coaching journeys, shining a light on achievable ways to overcome obstacles so that individuals and teams “arrive” at their desired destinations with meaningful, authentic and sustainable power.
My work provides tools which support and encourage ways of accessing the unique creativity and wisdom which lies within each of us – and which we can use powerfully in all areas of our lives.


With a background in the Performing Arts, I performed professionally with the inaugural Baxter Theatre Company, Capab and Pieter-Dirk Uys until marriage and having children necessitated a less nomadic lifestyle.

A switch to the creative arts saw me opening successful art galleries in Zimbabwe and the Cape Winelands for almost two decades. Whilst dabbling in acquiring and selling beautiful things, I longed to find ways of empowering people to live their best lives.

Harnessing my natural strengths of empathy and relatability, combined with my ability to unravel people’s problems and develop creative solutions which restore, resuscitate and rekindle possibility – I qualified as an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach and Trainer so that I could empower my clients to action the above for themselves, as a powerful response to their reality, whether at work or in their personal lives.

Educational Background

  • BA Drama; Sociology/Perf.Dip in Speech and Drama (UCT)

  • PG Higher Dip in Education (UCT)

  • ILS Master Coach

  • ILS Licensed Trainer


  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Manager as Coach Training
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Quick Bio

Motivated to empower people in their personal lives, I began my professional coaching journey by qualifying as an ILS Master Coach in 2012, and as an ILS licensed trainer in 2013.

The deep satisfaction of facilitating my clients to find their own, unique ways of responding to their lives and seeing the evidence thereof, motivated me to expand my practice to empower people and teams in corporate spaces.

As well as my focus on individual Life Coaching, my work includes Executive Business Coaching and Training.

My work includes:
• Life Skills and Personal Development Coaching
• Empowering leaders and managers to hold powerful conversations through the Manager as Coach training program
• Executive Coaching for entrepreneurs to develop, strategize and implement ideas for their businesses
• Executive Career Coaching for people who wish to explore and expand career options
• Mentoring Coaches and ILS Student Coaches

I am passionate about what I do and am constantly inspired by my clients’ abilities to dig deep within themselves, accessing unique strengths as they make choices that best serve them personally and professionally.

“Melanie is without a doubt the very best coach I’ve ever been to. She holds a secure space so that learning, healing and awareness can occur.

Her coaching facilitated so much security and clarity as I connected with my inner wisdom. She is all brightness and clarity in her communication.

Her greatest strength is her intuition and connection with her own soul wisdom. Her sessions have helped me to connect to my inner strength and to keep the connection with my own inner soul wisdom. A session with Melanie can change your life because your truth will emerge and clarity will be yours again.”

— Renske Hofman Director, Ubuntu Streetkids Foundation/Ubuntu Academy

“It is with great pleasure that I attest to the professional ability and personal integrity of Melanie Raizon. Since 2011, she has formed a vital part of the professional team at InnerLifeSkills and she has proved her worth as a trainer and coach.

As a trainer of InnerLifeSkills Coaches, she is engaging and personable, yet thorough and meticulous. Her ability to translate concepts into learning experiences is exceptional and all our student coaches thrive in her classes.
She is masterfully skilled at her craft, is a compassionate, people-oriented person with very high professional standards and a level of commitment seldom encountered in today’s world. Her astute ear has helped me overcome inner obstacles and create a solid, reachable framework for my career success.

I could not recommend her more highly.”

Glenn-Douglas Haig

“I have experienced the great privilege of more than 6 coaching sessions with Melanie Raizon.  As an InnerLifeSkills Master coach, her particular gifts lie in several areas:  her ability to coach through inner obstacles, her remarkable empathy and capacity to be present, articulate and intuitive.  The impact of her coaching on my personal and professional development has been truly remarkable.  The transformative shifts I have experienced have also been sustained over time.  I highly recommend coaching with Melanie – who is one of the most masterful coaches I have come across.”

— Barbara NussbaumAuthor and Independent Consultant, Stellenbosch University; Owner-Director of Finding Us through Music

“Meeting and engaging with Melanie was deeply impactful.

She helped me to re-see a “very private” issue in such a powerful light that I have few words to express my gratitude. 

As a business owner, I also really enjoyed the way Melanie manages to build or reinforce confidence via a powerful conversation. Thanks for everything.                                                                   


Stuart Kantor PrivateWealth Specialist, Kanan Wealth

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