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Certification in Personal Power Coaching + 6 Processes

Guide clients to claim their wholeness and inner strength the InnerLifeSkills way


Coaching can be surface, even reinforcing a Pac-Man lack of wholeness mindset! But not if we coach at master levels (deeper coaching) and guide our clients to claim and live their wholeness.

Personal Power Coach gives easy-to-use processes to help clients find inner strength, self-love and self-acceptance. This is a deeply transformative coaching style, not for coaches who only want to coach action plans and goals (which has its place).

On this page, find the info you need to decide whether to join our next Personal Power Coaching live certification class (we run 2 a year).

What's included in our Personal Power Coaching Course?

Included in this popular program:

  • 3 LIVE Zoom classes.
  • Instant access to helpful online resources (video, PDF worksheets, sample assessments to learn from).
  • ICF Accredited Attendance Certificate worth 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (use for renewing or applying for your coaching ACC, PCC, MCC credential).

You’ll learn the following:

  • Empowerment coaching (helping clients to claim their power).
  • Wholeness Process (guide clients to claim and live their wholeness with inner strength, love, and peace).
  • Equal to (guiding clients to be equal to their life challenges)

We’ve found over the decades that these unique and powerful processes are best facilitated once a client establishes deep trust. If you need basic coaching skills to build trust, consider our Coach 101 course.

Who is Personal Power Coach Certification for?

Natural Coaches who want to add unique speciality coaching toolboxes to their practice on their path to becoming Master Coaches.

Professionals who want to add sought-after ICF benchmarked coaching competencies to their existing work include leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, psychologists and managers.

Working Coaches seeking ICF CCE continued coach education hours. For example, ACC, PCC and MCC life, business, executive, Enneagram, wellness, financial and youth coaches.

With InnerLifeSkills Personal Power Coach, you’ll attend 3 x 3-hour live Zoom classes with an expert instructor and group to practice with.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

We believe in giving first…

So here’s a ready-to-use sample from our ACTP Master Coach Certification program.

Master Coach Certification Sample Manual InnerLifeSkills

InnerLifeSkills Personal Power Coach Certification empowers you with









What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


Which is more limiting? Our outer obstacles like time and money or inner obstacles like a lack of clarity, self-doubt, procrastination, not feeling confident etc. We could argue that even if we cleared all outer obstacles, the inner obstacles still hold us back. We want you to have these transformative coaching processes like those you’ll learn in Personal Power Coaching.

This course contains everything you need to offer professional Personal Power Coaching:

6 Empowering Processes

You’ll learn 6 empowering coaching processes which you can weave into any coached conversation, adapt or offer a more structured personal mastery coaching series (a package of several coaching sessions).

The key is WHOLENESS; when we help clients to claim and live their wholeness, they find everything they need within themselves, their strength, peace, clarity and love. All 6 of the processes you learn work on deepening your client’s wholeness.

This is HOW we can coach self-care, self-love and self-acceptance, and it changes everything for our clients.

ICF Core Competencies + Unique Ready-to-Coach Professional Processes

Apply ICF Core Competencies (global gold standards) to coach wholeness and self-empowerment. Then add our powerful unique processes, which all have scripts and professional worksheets for you.

Unlock your earning potential with this Speciality Coaching Toolbox

After interviewing our most successful Master Coach graduates (5-15 years of 5-star ratings, who won 1-2 year coaching contracts), we were shocked. Not a single one of them had a single niche.

The secret to their success was their big multi-niche toolbox and hyper-flexible master-level skills, which allowed them to CUSTOM BUILD 3-12 month coaching solutions for the client in front of them.

This Personal Power toolbox adds to your toolbox, deepens your master coaching skills and helps you to serve clients at the highest levels.


    What Accreditation does your certification include?

    • 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
        • 11 hours ICF Core Competencies
        • 9 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
        • 2 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
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    Offer professional personal power coaching or add this unique wholeness building coaching toolbox to your services..

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