How to Coach clients to switch from a “Doing” Purpose Burden

to a “Being” Life Purpose.

When clients seek a sense of life purpose, to find direction and create fulfilling careers, you may be tempted to help them answer “What must I do.” But this is a trap. Instead get your ICF Life Coach Certification with a Purpose Coaching Toolbox to coach a Being Quest.

InnerLifeSkills Life Coach Certification

Imagine having unique purpose coaching processes that clients love.

Finding my Apple Tree changed everything…

“What must I do?” I wrote, begging my inner wisdom.

What must I do, meant: “What must I do to be strong for my babies?”

Megan, my 2nd, had her first surgery at 14 hours old and over a dozen emergency procedures before she was a year old. My firstborn toddler Eryn’s big brown eyes always seemed to say I miss my mommy.

What must I do, meant: “What must I do to save my home from bank repossession?”

My husband’s small graphic design business had collapsed—we were drowning in debt, and working past midnight was not helping.

My coaching and training work was helping, but there were too few hours a week.

It was a desperate “What must I do” question, written with shaking hands. I couldn’t face another kind friend bringing us groceries.

I was expecting an action plan—not this.

Wisdom said, “You’re asking the wrong question!”

“What is the right question?” I replied, ignoring the usual mind chatter to open to translate subtle intuitive wisdom.

Rather ask, who am I?”

Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

The insight that arrived to clarify my puzzled mind was this (it’s worth a contemplative moment, this is the main point):

Wisdom offered:

“If you were an apple tree, and you didn’t know you were an apple tree—how would you know what to do?”

The logic was sound. The intuitive felt-sense of truth was strong.

Apple Tree? Who am I? I wasn’t being asked to recite the labels we’re given in life.

“I don’t know who I am,” I admitted. Do you know your apple tree? 

For the next few hours, I was guided by inner wisdom through a series of spontaneous exercises to FIND my apple tree and give it words. Then I was challenged to step up and step into my natural role as a ‘Wisdom Communicator.’

This inspired and terrified me. Do you know the feeling?

I went to my inner wisdom well daily to FREE my apple tree, learning new processes to remove the inner obstacles blocking my natural self.

Wisdom helped heal my crippling shyness and reshape my coaching work.

DOING became an expression of my BEING.

This 360-degree shift in seeing was like magic.
It turns out that when we see our true EYES as our true I, others can see us too.

  • 3 months later, I had a new stream of referral clients.
  • 3 years later, I was teaching 60-120 students a week, speaking on stages around the world and closing my 1st book deal.
  • 2 television documentaries were made about my apple tree story.
  • Most importantly, I became a stronger mom for my daughters.
  • 20 years later, these Apple Tree Life Purpose Coaching methods are used in schools, boardrooms, coaching sessions and homes around the world.

May my story inspire your freedom.


Lay Down the Burden of a Doing-Quest Purpose

Traditionally life purpose coaching is about finding a DOING PURPOSE. But this can be a cruel and painful burden.
What if you haven’t done your purpose? Who decides?

An apple tree’s purpose is first to BE an apple tree and then to DO from that BEING. See the critical difference?

Living our apple tree purpose is an ordinary miraculous expression of love. Fueling us with inner strength + happy fulfillment.

When I created InnerLifeSkills, it was as natural as an apple tree making apples.

All the wisdom of liberating the Apple Tree Purpose Quest is concentrated into 7 simple, powerful coaching processes you can learn.

PURPOSE COACH Certification

A step-by-step process to Guide Yourself & Others.



Experience these transformational processes in class with your group in breakout roomssafe and supportive.

Easily add these tools to your SELF-COACHING TOOLBOX or your PROFESSIONAL TOOLBOX for life coaching to leadership, wellness to Enneagram, and business to spiritual. You can coach yourself, individuals or groups.

sap thread process

Find the golden Sap Thread (blood of the Apple Tree) patterns for clues to free our apple tree’s natural purpose.

Freedom island process

To find our Apple Tree True Self Purpose, it helps to pause the pressure of paying the bills—this process helps.

I am apple tree statement process

Find words to describe the true Apple Tree Self as an I Am Statement, to step up and into your purpose.



Never run out of inspiring questions and purpose-freeing processes for your clients.

Being vs Doing process

Switch from the burden of a doing quest to a liberated inspiring being quest.

Ancient Village process

Add a fun role-playing thinking exercises to find your Purpose Archetype.

Inner author process

BONUS: Free your Inner Author & learn how to guide clients to do the same.

Dream Coaching worksheet

BONUS: Learn an easy dream interpretation method.




Your Life Coach Certification displays your 30 ICF Accredited Hours and lists your Purpose Coaching Module. This is accredited training which can be used for an ACC, PCC, or MCC ICF sought-after credential or towards your InnerLifeSkills full Master Coach Level 2 (previously ACTP) Certification. This also provides 30 hours ICF Core Competencies for credential renewals. 

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Our InnerLifeSkills Master Coaches tell us how they use this popular Apple Tree Purpose Coaching: They plug purpose coaching into other consulting, mentoring and coaching work. They offer programs to corporate teams seeking motivation and inspired action. They add these processes to talk to market their work. To schools and NGOs as a give-back. To Enneagram typing and growth journeys.

Create new services, attract new clients and add value to create premium programs instead of once-off sessions.


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