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I used to believe that our life purpose was something we were meant to do. This left me with the stress of finding out what I was meant to do.

Imagine my surprise when coaching myself 25+ years ago, trying to figure out what to do about my collapsing finances and sick baby daughter, when my inner wisdom said, “You’re asking the wrong question; instead of asking what should I do, rather ask who am I?”

This confused me, but the insight unfolded with life-changing wisdom, “If you were an apple tree and didn’t know you were an apple tree, how would you know what to do?”

The logic was sound, but more importantly, it landed intuitively. That moment changed my life from a doing question to a being quest. I needed to find and free my true self, my apple tree, to fulfil my life purpose.

Everything changed. Even this brand InnerLifeSkills is an expression of my apple tree. And nearly 30 years later, I owe everything to finding and freeing my apple tree.

That’s the kind of purpose coaching you’ll learn from us.

On this page, find the info you need to decide whether to join our next Purpose Coach live certification class (we run 2 a year).

What's included in our Purpose Coaching Certification?

Included in Purpose Coaching:

  • 3 LIVE Zoom classes.
  • Instant access to helpful online resources (video, PDF worksheets, sample assessments to learn from).
  • ICF Accredited Attendance Certificate worth 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (use for renewing or applying for your coaching ACC, PCC, MCC credential).

You’ll learn:

  • 7 Apple Tree-inspired Purpose Coaching Processes.
  • Master Coaching Competencies (the art and science of MCC level coaching).
  • How to inspire clients to find their inspired purpose (direction, meaning, clarity).

This unique and powerful coaching leaves clients with potentially life-changing insights.

Who is Purpose Coaching Certification for?

Natural Coaches who want to add unique speciality coaching toolboxes to their practice on their path to becoming Master Coaches.

Professionals who want to add sought-after ICF benchmarked coaching competencies to their existing work include leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, psychologists and managers.

Working Coaches seeking ICF CCE continued coach education hours. For example, ACC, PCC and MCC life, business, executive, Enneagram, wellness, financial and youth coaches.


With InnerLifeSkills Purpose Coach, you’ll attend 3 x 3-hour live Zoom classes with an expert instructor and group to practice with.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

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InnerLifeSkills Purpose Coach Certification empowers you with









What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


Life purpose and life purpose coaching is inspiring to work with, so it’s no wonder that many coaching programs and coaches offer it. But we want you to be able to go beyond the usual ‘find your passion’ conversation often associated with life-purpose coaching.

This course contains everything you need to offer professional purpose coaching:

Being quest vs Doing Quest

The key difference our purpose coaching brings is we focus on helping clients switch from a doing quest to a being quest. An apple tree knows what to do because it knows who it is. An apple tree’s purpose is to be an apple tree, and this beingness is expressed through everything it does.

When we guide clients to find and free their apple tree’s true self and express this, they naturally express their purpose.

3 Purpose Processes

At the centre of our Purpose Coaching work lies 3 simple yet powerful processes.


  1. The Sap Thread Process – to guide clients to look for the golden thread of common clues to their apple tree natural selves.
  2. The Ideal Island – we help clients look beyond fear and survival programming to discover who they naturally are when they are free.
  3. The I Am Statement – we crystalize the insights into an affirmation style I Am Statement that the client can use to step up and step into their apple tree purposeful being.

Unlock your earning potential with this unique toolbox

Our Master Coaches tell us how popular the Apple Tree style Purpose Coaching is in companies to motivate teams to bring their whole selves to what they do, to life coaching clients seeking meaning and direction.

The purpose-coached conversation is an important one and may help you create new coaching services to attract new clients.


What Accreditation does your certification include?

  • 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
      • 11 hours ICF Core Competencies
      • 9 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
      • 2 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
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Offer professional purpose coaching or add this unique coaching toolbox to your services.

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