REAL vs. FAKE Life Coaching

Lesson 10 from the InnerLifeSkills Life Coaching video based free intro course.


#1. Power Formula

#2. Why Life Coach?

#3. How to Life Coach Goals?

#4. Avoid these life coach mistakes.

#5. Can you Life Coach?

#6. How to Life Coach in 20 minutes or less.

#7. How to use Life Coaching Wheels?

#8. 3 Magic Success Numbers for life coaches.

#9. The Disney Strategy coaching process.

#10. Real vs Fake life coaching.

#11. ICF Credential Guide.

#12. Free Enneagram e-book.

LIFE COACHING LESSON #10: What is real Life Coaching and what is not.

I know this title is a bit harsh, but it is important to learn the difference between real coaching and what is actually not life coaching.

We know that many good people don’t intentionally “fake” coaching, in fact many well-meaning folks out there just don’t know what “real” coaching is and what it’s not.

Because the word “coach” is used so broadly, there is a lot of confusion about coaching in general. 

The tutorial video below may surprise you, because coaching is NOT the same as training, mentoring, therapy or counselling, and the video will show you why. 

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Imagine a way to empower, inspire and help without telling people what to do.

  • No carrying of their burdens.
  • No trying to find a way to give them the correct advice.
  • No heavy responsibility for the advice we give.
  • Just pure, clean supportive real coaching.

Even the clients and coaches we train that do offer advice because it’s their job or area of expertise, they all benefit from learning how to coach. Read my blog post on Pure vs. Blended coaching to see how this works. 

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