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Certification in Relationship Coaching for couples and teams

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In my early career, I heard a psychologist describe relationships as jigsaw pieces that fit or don’t and that our job was to facilitate the negotiation of compromises when the fit goes wrong!

This may help, but I felt the approach lacked an appreciation for our innate wholeness. If we sustain our inner lacks, we keep ourselves and those we “fit” within states of jigsaw lack. 

Wholeness threatens the fit-in, “you be this for me, and I’ll be this for you” relationship, but it’s a path to freedom, self-acceptance and true love.

When we relate based on wholeness, we drop our masks, share the fullness of who we are with those we relate to, and free others and ourselves from trying to make each other happy. Wholeness means we have everything we need in ourselves, and we joyfully share this with others.

On this page, find the info you need to decide whether to join our next Relationship Coach live certification class (we run 2 a year).

What's included in our Relationship Coach Certification Course?

Included in Relationship Coaching:

  • 3 LIVE Zoom classes.
  • Instant access to helpful online resources (video, PDF worksheets, sample assessments to learn from).
  • ICF Accredited Attendance Certificate worth 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (use for renewing or applying for your coaching ACC, PCC, MCC credential).

You’ll learn:

  • Jigsaw Process (to find the buttons being pushed by lack).
  • Equal to Bridge (to strengthen couples or team relationships).
  • Inner Child Parent Adult (a coached transactional analysis relationship builder).
  • Enneagram for Relationships (learn how the types relate).


Who is Relationship Coach Certification for?

Natural Coaches who want to add unique speciality coaching toolboxes to their practice on their path to becoming Master Coaches.

Professionals who want to add sought-after ICF benchmarked coaching competencies to their existing work include leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, psychologists and managers.

Working Coaches seeking ICF CCE continued coach education hours. For example, ACC, PCC and MCC life, business, executive, Enneagram, wellness, financial and youth coaches.


With InnerLifeSkills Relationship Coach, you’ll attend 3 x 3-hour live Zoom classes with an expert instructor and group to practice with.

Life Coach Certification with Colleen-Joy InnerLifeSkills

Want a sample of our Master Coach Certification?

Get a PDF sample teaching from every short course module included in our 1-year program.

Master Coach Certification Sample Manual InnerLifeSkills

InnerLifeSkills Relationship Coach Certification empowers you with









What you’ll learn [Curriculum]


Our approach to relationship coaching is based on the understanding that we are all whole and complete and that relationships can become productive, meaningful, loving and supportive from a foundation of wholeness.

We have taught our relationship models in personal growth, corporate team building, and management development spaces.

Including the Enneagram in this course makes it uniquely powerful in helping us understand some of the most common causes of relationship problems.

It also helps us motivate others to change positively and empoweringly.

This course contains everything you need to include relationship coaching in your service offering:

4 Relationship Coaching Methods

Master these unique (only from InnerLifeSkills) processes to expertly guide your coachee to bring deep understanding and wholeness to their work and personal relationships.

  • Jigsaw to Wholeness
  • Equal To Bridge
  • Inner Child Parent Adult
  • Enneagram 3 Pearls Relating

ICF Core Competencies + Unique Ready-to-Coach Relationship Coaching Worksheets

Name one aspect of your life that isn’t dependent on relationships. Health, finances, family, personal growth… everything is impacted by relationships. Isn’t our relationship with ourselves another key relationship?

Coaching at its highest is a form of relationship, a professional partnership supporting a coachee from where they are now to where they want to be.

When coaching relationship themes, from personal to working relationships, 1-1 or team dynamics, it’s important to be mindful of these influencing contexts, the common ground and the contrasting and potentially conflicting dynamics of different:

  • Personalities
  • Values
  • Needs
  • Beliefs
  • Perceptions

Use our relationship coaching worksheets and scripts to easily add meaningful coaching to your services.

Unlock your earning potential with these Speciality Coaching Toolboxes

When coaching relationships, it can be helpful to facilitate an exploration of any or all of these:

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Seeing from others’ points of view.
  • Finding the Positive Intention (P.I) behind words and actions.
  • Working to understand plus/minus perception dynamics and build equal-to-perception bridges.

The InnerLifeSkills Relationship Coaching processes work well with Enneagram Coaching, Intuition Coaching and Personal Power coaching toolboxes.

These unique toolboxes give you a unique advantage in life coaching, executive, business and Enneagram coaching. Attracting new clients and opening doors.


What Accreditation does your certification include?

  • 11 hours ACSTH + CCE (which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential using their easiest ACTP Path). This includes:
      • 11 hours ICF Core Competencies
      • 9 hours are synchronous (live coaching classes online)
      • 2 hours are asynchronous (self-study and practice)
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What do our graduate coaches have to say?

Many InnerLifeSkills Master Coach students have kept in touch for many years, we get to watch them grow and positively impact so many lives.

Life Coach Online Certificaiton Training review
5 star reviewed rating
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5 star reviewed rating

Offer professional relationship  coaching or add this unique coaching toolbox to your services.

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Every Monday simply login (video on) to join your practical class.

Most of our short courses are consecutive once-a-week classes.

Your online resources are available on enrollment – instant access.


Classes are 3-hours with a 10-15 minute break.

Classes are recorded for review and to catch up if you miss a class.

Breakout sessions help you to practise coaching in a safe, supportive space with fellow students [critical for your learning].


This course has an online theory assessment.

100% attendance secures your certification.

Your certificate will show your ICF ACSTH + CCE hours.