How to offer Relationship Coaching—using the strength of wholeness & the enneagram.

Clients want relationship coaching but many coaches aren’t equipped to help, and easily get entangled in a finger pointing, button pushing, negotiation process. Get Your ICF Life Coach Certification with our popular Relationship Coaching Toolbox to confidently coach teams and couples.

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Imagine offering rewarding relationship coaching to teams, couples and partners.


A step-by-step powerful process to Guide Yourself & Others.



Experience these transformational processes in class with your group in breakout roomssafe and supportive.

Easily add these tools to your SELF-COACHING TOOLBOX or your PROFESSIONAL TOOLBOX for life coaching to leadership, wellness to Enneagram, and business to spiritual. You can coach yourself, individuals or groups.

Jigsaw worksheet

End button pushing and power struggles to build true wholeness-based relating.

Equal to bridge process

Build bridges of equal dignity of being, even among different levels or authority and roles.

Inner child parent adult process

Work with inner transactional analysis archetypes to wake the adult archetype needed for functional relating.

Process 9 types Enneagram 2

Learn how to use the Enneagram to build understanding in relationships.




Your Life Coach Certification displays your 30 ICF Accredited Hours and lists your Relationship Coaching Module. This is accredited training which can be used for an ACC, PCC, or MCC ICF sought-after credential or towards your InnerLifeSkills full Master Coach Level 2 (previously ACTP) Certification. This also provides 30 hours ICF Core Competencies for credential renewals. 

Your Coaching Certification InnerLifeSkills

Everything you need to offer professional relationship coaching.


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Many InnerLifeSkills Master Coach students have kept in touch for many years, we get to watch them grow and positively impact so many lives.

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