I’m Colleen-Joy Page, creator of InnerLifeSkills® (ILS for short). If you are interested in becoming a Master Life or Business Coach, and are not sure where to start, or even what life coaching is and isn’t, then this page is your guide.

We find people who have a vision of making a difference in their world—and then we train them in the specialized skills to become truly successful.

Together we have a collective 120+ years of working experience, and we are here to help you to build a world-class career or business. 

Our philosophy and values are to always “give first“, we earn the privilege of training someone. That’s why we offer so much free content on our siteslike our free COACH ON-RAMP.

We are also 100% heart combined with 100% business ethics, which our students tell us is a rare and a wonderful find.

Ways to use coaching skills

You would be amazed at the confusion that exists around what coaching really is and what it’s not.

So if this is an area that you need some clarity on, then you’ll enjoy this site because it really helps to understand coaching.

What coaching is not

Let’s bust some myths and get the facts about what Life Coaching and Business Coaching really is.

1. Coaching is not only about “helping others”

Coaching is not just another word for helping. A top coach skilfully helps people to help themselves (no more carrying others burdens)!

If you’re already interested in helping, guiding and inspiring people, that’s a great place to start – but the risk is that many well-meaning people try to “help” and end up carrying other people’s burdens instead!

True coaching (at its best), is not about carrying others burdens.

Coaching is also not just a helpful conversation. Professional coaching is an art and a science.

A Life or Business Coach knows how to: ask empowering questions, earn trust, transform inner obstacles, motivate, inspire, create focus, awaken innovative thinking etc.

As a professional coach, you will be able to facilitate many different thinking exercises (processes). For example, as an ILS Master Coach, you would learn over 111 methods and 50+ coaching processes.


2. Coaching is not about giving advice – it’s about empowering

This may be a surprise! But a professional coach can change lives, and empower individuals or groups without giving any advice!

This might seem impossible, but it works brilliantly and is actually very good news for people who want to learn to coach.

When we give advice, we’re responsible for the consequences of that advice.

When we give advice, we need to be experts in the topic we are advising on (which limits who and what topics we can coach).

When we give advice, we can become frustrated when people don’t listen, or get blamed when they do.

Giving advice has its place, but how does it feel to get advice instead of working out the solution for yourself?

When we empower others to find their own best solutions and insights they “buy-in” to the process.

They get motivated. Most people give advice because they don’t know how to coach. When you learn to coach, you’ll inspire and empower others to find their own solutions and to build their own success.


3. Real Coaching needs Real Training

A lot of well-meaning folks (and sadly also some less well-meaning) think they understand what coaching is. So they call themselves Life and Business Coaches without any formal training.

When attending our ILS Coach 101 training, most students tell us that they are amazed at what “real” coaching is. In fact, some students who previously attended other (non-ILS training) say the same.

Coaching is an internationally recognized profession.

So it goes without saying, that only real coach training produces real life and business coaches.


4. Coaching is not rocket-science or theory

Coaching is not a concept, it’s a skill.
Some coach training is mostly theory or highly academic.

An expert author in the educational field Suzanne Hattingh described this to me the other day, she said:

Many coaching courses teach you about coaching, they don’t teach you how to coach!”

I often use learning to play a musical instrument to explain what learning to coach is like. It’s true that you can read a book about playing guitar and probably bash out a few chords.

It’s also true that many long coaching courses (9 months to 2 years) are still filled with mostly academic theory.

Real coach training, should have you coaching within hours. We get our students coaching within 3 hours of their training.

Then it takes approx. 60 hours of training to be competent enough to charge (or add value to your career), and 126 hours to be skilled at a master level.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) who have accredited our courses; recommend over 120 hours training (minimum) for professional coaching.

The good news is that coaching, like any skill, takes practice to learn, but it is not rocket science.


5. Not all coaches are equal in skill

In the world of coaching, the ICF (The International Coach Federation) sets the bar for professional standards.

Being trained in an ICF accredited coaching course sets coaches apart and gives them the confidence to coach anywhere in the world.

But it’s important to realize that not all ICF accredited coach training programmes are the same.

Each must train the same core competencies, but after that, they all have their own unique philosophies and added value training.

Some coaches only know the core competencies, others have additional skills and can do much more.

In my opinion, only ICF ACTP accredited courses give you the assurance of knowing you will learn ‘real world-class coaching skills.’

Then ask yourself, what else do I want?

For example, we train our coaches to build their own careers and businesses (because it’s not enough to have top skills if no one believes in your skills).

We also teach our coaches to coach a wide range of topics: inner wisdom, decision making, relationships, youth, corporate, groups, busting money blocks, finding purpose, team dynamics, dream building, confidence building, transforming inner obstacles, etc.

We also add modules like how to publish a book, how to speak professionally and 21st-century marketing for coaches.

We make sure that our ILS Master Coaches stand out from other coaches, they have world-class ICF accredited competencies, and a massive toolbox to coach anyone, anywhere.


Let’s get your training started

We offer you our FREE online life coaching on-ramp so that you can get enough of an idea about real coaching to make an informed decision about whether to invest time and money in training for this as a career.

1. What should you focus on to make a start?

One of the best ways to wrap your head around learning to be a life or business coach is to do any of the following:

Listen or watch an actual coaching demonstration (so you hear what internationally accredited coaching sounds like).

Our Life Coach on-ramp will show you a demonstration video.

Get a sense of some of the actual communication SKILLS that you will be learning.

ILS teaches 111+ communication methods, which we call Nuggets. We share some of the most critical ones in our COACH ON-RAMP which you can access here.

2. How is ILS different?

Once you look at ICF Accredited Coach Training programs (like ILS Master Coach Entrepreneur, our top qualification course), then you need to ask yourself…

What else is added to the program?

E.g. ILS includes Business Building and Inner Obstacle coaching, etc.

What is unique about the style coach training being offered? Many coaching programs out there are actually some version of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This can be frustrating to discover since many people don’t just want NLP training.

We include a few key NLP processes in our training, but more than 90% of our course is not NLP and is a combination of internationally benchmarked coaching competencies and our own unique processes like “ILS Apple Tree Purpose” and “ILS Kite” etc.

Who will be training you? 

Make sure you are learning from REAL coaches who are successful and helpful people.


3. All Coach Training is the same

We often train managers and even Exco leaders in coaching communication skills.

I can’t tell you how many times we have heard this said after just 2 days of training with us.

“I thought I knew what coaching was because I completed a long expensive diploma course. But NOW I know what real coaching is.”

The international not for profit organization that benchmarks professional coaching is the ICF. So compare apples to apples.

In my opinion, only ICF ACTP accredited courses give you the assurance of knowing you will learn real skills and not just heaps of theoretical or irrelevant information.

We are here for you

If you are prepared to learn and practice the skills we teach you, you can transform your own life and the lives of the people you care about.

Wherever your voice and presence is, that is where you can make a massive positive difference.

We LOVE what we do because we get to pay it forward.

These InnerLifeSkills® methods and processes transformed our own lives, we live what we teach.

We are so fortunate every day, to see our qualified coaches go out into their worlds to do the same.

Imagine being able to coach the incredible clients that I have been privileged to coach.

The mother of 2 young children who was living in her car. She said that coaching “gave her back to herself.” She went on to get a job, then a promotion and turned her life around.

I also think of my dear client Kim Potgieter, who I’ve coached for over 15 years. She was a stay at home mom who wanted to build her own meaningful career. After finding her purpose, she went on to be a shareholder and Director of a company that is positively changing an entire industry.

This year she published her own bestselling book. Now, the entire staff have learned InnerLifeSkills® Coach Methods, to enhance their success in their individual roles within the company.

The world ranking professional golfer who after 1 coaching session broke his 3-year losing streak.

The school principal who found new meaning and purpose in work.

The radio DJ who courageously broke through his limiting beliefs to go on to be a highly successful businessman.

From the massive multinational corporations that we have worked with, to the mom’s, dad’s, athletes, psychologists, managers, entrepreneurs, authors, visionaries and change agents.

The many faces of the clients I have worked with inspire me daily to train others to coach.

I hope that my team and I can help you to do the same incredible work.

If you want to see an outline of what you’ll get on the FREE LIFE COACH COURSE ON-RAMP, before you sign up, click here.

All my best,


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