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8 ICF Core Competencies guide

ICF CORE COMPETENCY INFOGRAPHIC PDF First, download our PDF here; no opt-in is needed, Here is a helpful 1 long page infographic summarizing practical tips to help you strive for each core competency and prepare well for an ICF Performance Evaluation. This guide is...

7 Ways to Coach a Stuck Client

The dreaded “I don’t know” client answer makes life coaches squirm. You ask your client a question; it’s a great question, and it ticks all the master coach skill boxes, but they reply with the dreaded “I don’t know” answer. Many coaches struggle when their clients...

How to become an Enneagram Coach

The Enneagram is a powerful personality typing system used by coaches, leaders, consultants and change agents. Out of all the personality typing systems that I’ve learned over the years, I love the Enneagram the most. As a professional MCC coach, trainer, business...