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Your best life after 50


What if I could show you – step by step – how to adjust your life within a few weeks, so that you can write that book or build your retirement business… within 1 year?

I’m looking for my next 5 clients to partner with, to help you let go of any past obstacles, free your inner wisdom and stand in your power, so that you can create what you’ve always dreamed.

*5 Spaces Available

Building Management teams

Are you ready to sleep better knowing that your company’s future – and its humans – are in good hands?

Maybe you’re frustrated with manager-level problems and want some head space for the future? Hoping your team can crush their daily challenges and come to you with workable solutions?

Or perhaps you just want a new way to BE with your team because of all the upheaval in the world and you have to work remotely?

But what if they start slacking off, or lose their focus and loyalty because they’re not together in a room?


Would you like help with these mid-level challenges?

Managers who:

  • Don’t delegate, so they drop the ball, leaving you to pick up the pieces.
  • Don’t know how to deal with bad apples in the ranks, so they threaten their team with you.
  • Close off under pressure and end up with silo teams, not talking to anyone else.
  • Become action bottlenecks because they don’t communicate with other departments.
  • Can’t instill urgency without drama and end up losing quality and pissing off their clients.
  • Are unable to create a clear, measurable path for their teams, leaving you to guess how they’re performing.

If you’re longing to be more in control of your company’s future and you want a rock-solid team behind you, then apply to join our ILS Coach@Work Solution here.

Picture this…

Maybe you feel driven to take your company into the 2020’s with a new DNA and love the idea of not having to micro-manage. Hoping your okay managers will become daily dynamos so that you can step back and vision a decade of success.

Or perhaps you’re looking for specific tools because you have a fresh new team and you want to get the best out of them.

But what about the time and effort it takes to train them … and the huge cost of certified training?

Would you like help with these management team challenges?

  • Over-burdened managers have no time or headroom for certified training, so they don’t absorb the knowledge and waste your precious resources.
  • Management skills based on outdated techniques that can be applied at work like a mask, leaving the manager inauthentic and mistrusted.
  • Team-building days and inspiring short courses that are quickly forgotten, so people say, “That was nice” but nothing changes.
  • Training based on the latest psychological research that sounds wonderful, but isn’t practical – because your managers never signed up to be psychologists anyway!
  • Training that offers managers a one-solution-fits-all approach, which is not aligned with their personality and so backfires, alienating the manager from their team.

If you want the simplest, proven route to a massively capable management team and you’ve had enough of costly, impractical training, then apply to join the ILS Coach@Work Solution here.

new management DNA

3 Steps

To turn your okay managers into a rock-solid support team

Step 1 The Launch
Step 2 The Training
Step 3 The shift



Where managers are taught to apply mainstream Management Techniques to help them cope at work.

  • This training’s been used by other well-known companies, so it’ll probably work for yours.
  • They fit your world view, your idea of how managers should behave, so they could be the right choice.
  • They give people tools to use at work, so they were designed for the workplace.
  • They offer full qualification courses, so you know your managers will be properly skilled.
  • However, full certification courses are long and expensive.
  • Other companies are not your company, so who’s to say you have the same challenges and solutions?
  • Leaders are people, so how can “techniques to apply at work” improve someone’s leadership skills if they don’t address the whole person?
  • The training is usually theory heavy and difficult to put into practice.
  • Training is dumped into a vacuum and not given the proper context – so people don’t see how it can benefit them.
The traditional way

THE InnerLifeSkills


Transforming managers into a NEW WAY OF BEING so that they can bring coaching wisdom to work.

  • STEP 1 First we show you how to paint a clear picture of your management team’s future so that you – and they – can measure their progress and everyone will know when they’ve made it.
  • STEP 2 Then we deploy tailor-made training and mentoring sessions helping your managers use their coaching skills every day so that you can focus more on your leadership role.
  • STEP 3 Then you commit to less micro-managing so your stress levels drop, your managers excel and your company builds on a rock-solid foundation.
  • Your managers will find an authentic WAY OF BEING rather than applying the fragile old masks of “techniques”.
  • They will be emotionally resilient and bring their solution-focused selves to work.
  • They will have tools to uncover the best of their team’s thinking for every solution.
  • They will leave behind the old threat and reward system and motivate and inspire others to action.
  • They will coach and guide their teams to a proactive, solution focused and future focused mindset.
  • They will free you up to do what you were born to do.
The ILS Coach@Work way

What our clients are saying

Case studies and testimonials

Glenn totally transformed our London office – then he did the same for our team in Shannon. After a massive restructuring our team was bruised and sceptical, but his Coach@Work and Self-Mastery programs turned the attitude around and refocused us onto what matters.

I can’t believe this is the same team that limped out of 2018 and soared into 2019.

Even now, during the 2020 Covid 19 global crisis, our managers are solution-focused, resilient and adapting to 100% online collaboration.

I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone wanting to empower their team into the uncertain 2020’s.


HR Head

Digital River Inc.        

Shannon, Ireland

Glenn’s work with me and my team inspired me to train as an InnerLifeSkills® Coach with him.

The coaching skills and Self-Mastery work have upped my professional game, reduced my stress levels, enhanced my marriage and given me an all-round eye-opener to what’s possible in my life.

I took brave steps, I found unimaginable inner resources and I have come further than I ever thought possible.

I am forever grateful to Glenn and his amazing ILS work for creating lasting, positive changes in my world view and in my daily life too.


VP Customer Success


London, England

The ILS® Coach@Work Solution

Build a Rock-Solid Management Team that:


Hosts meetings in half the time with 100% less waffling
Confidently runs the daily operations so that you can focus on your own work
Holds the slackers accountable and motivates them into action without running to you
Grooms and retains their top talent to build expertise and loyalty in the ranks
Resolves inter-personal conflict before it gets to HR, preventing drawn-out downtime
Creates a solution focused, future focused team culture that supports your vision for the future
Christina Watson
Glenn is an absolute wizard. His skill in speaking to people on an individual level is unmatched; his understanding of multiple and intricate contexts is profound. He managed to grasp the complicated context of our market and how we aligned our structure and processes immediately. Having Glenn lead our team through such a rough time, equipping us with the tools to understand not only our colleagues but also ourselves, has been invaluable.

Glenn’s individual sessions with me as CEO equipped me to manage people and processes in a far more effective and meaningful way. His work around obstacles and buttons that trigger certain responses made a huge difference in the day-today management of the company.

Glenn comes highly recommended.



Via Africa Publishers

Cape Town

Keryth Mansfield
Glenn has been my go-to guy for over 5 years and his Coach@Work training consistently delivers way beyond the demands and hopes of my clients.

As a global HR professional working with various multi-nationals, my job presents me with many cross-cultural leadership challenges, shaky management teams and even toxic work cultures.

Once he co-creates a brief with the C-suite, Glenn seems to sweep in, live with us for 6 months and then bids a sad farewell as every single person is transformed into a freer, more confident and competent version of themselves.  My middle and senior managers love him and the insights he brings. They are forever changed and one of my favourite overheard comments was, “I’m even a better father now that I’ve become a Coach@Work.”


HR exec


London, England

InnerLifeSkills® Coaching
and Training International

  • Was founded 25 years ago by Colleen-Joy Page, assisted by Glenn-Douglas Haig, both Master Certified Coaches with the International Coach Federation.
  • Our team has coached and trained thousands of clients across dozens of industries in 139 countries.
  • We have ongoing relationships of 15+ years with our top clients.
  • Our focus has always been to empower people to empower others.
  • Self-Mastery is the key ingredient in all our ILS® offerings.
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My invitation to you…

What if I could build you a rock-solid, online-friendly management team within 6 months so that you can lift your head up out of the current crisis, look ahead and strategise your business for the next 2-3 years?

I’m looking for my next 2 clients to partner with, to build a mature management team that keeps petty problems off your desk and allows you to focus on the bigger picture – even if they’re working from home.

*2 Spaces Available


Do you want to empower your managers so that you are free to think strategically?

Want me to guide and mentor them every step of the way?

Then click the ‘Apply Now’ button below to fill out the application.

Please note that this program is highly customised to suit your needs so I’m only looking for my next 2 clients.

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