How to guide clients to find life-changing inner wisdom—with InnerLifeSkills intuition coaching.

If you’re looking for simple ways to add depth to your professional coaching services, to help clients who feel stuck—then Somatic Intuition Coaching is for you. Our Life Coach Certification includes a powerful, Intuition Coaching Toolbox.

InnerLifeSkills Life Coach Certification

Imagine having the skills to tune-in intuitively on demand.

Make clear decisions & find new solutions to financial, relationship, spiritual, life and work problems.


Step-by-step powerful Intuition Coaching Processes to Guide Yourself & Others.



Experience these transformational processes in class with your group in breakout roomssafe and supportive.

Easily add these tools to your SELF-COACHING TOOLBOX or your PROFESSIONAL COACHING TOOLBOX for life coaching to leadership, wellness to Enneagram, and business to spiritual. You can coach yourself, individuals or groups.

Intuition Coach - ABCs Process - Worksheet

An easy yet powerful somatic method to take conversations deeper. Switch from a stressed sympathetic nervous system dominant state to a relaxed intuitive state.

Open Closed process

Discern wisdom and intuition from ego illusions. This unique somatic method gives us a life-long compass to find truth and wisdom daily.

Wisdom Well Process

Stop dragging buckets through the sand trying to find clarity, dig a Wisdom Well to find the life-changing power of AHA inner wisdom.

Just me process

Let go of carrying others’ emotions and burdens with a simple somatic intentional technique. Care without carrying. This is an easy 5 minute method.

Find a way worksheet

Open to creative, intuitive insights to find a way around inner and outer obstacles. 

Centre process

Tune in deeper than the surface mind to the non-dual centre of wise seeing.

Seeing Being process

When we expand seeing, we expand being. Consciously work with this.

Flow checks process

Get unstuck! Open the flow again welcoming intuitive insights to life and work.


You can access your intuition when you need it the most, instead of only in random moments.

What do a pro golfer, homeless mom & Fiery CEO have in common?

“Colleen, I have to tell you what happened!”

Monica pulled me aside before our Intuition class started. I loved and respected this petite powerhouse-soul client, who had left Argentina, taught herself English, and become a CEO visionary.

“I gave a make-or-break presentation to over 200 bankers and financiers worldwide last week,” she continued. “I usually just step up and speak and am very direct. But this time, I decided to try using your methods; I tuned in intuitively first.”

She closed her eyes, reliving the moment. “I realized my presentation was wrong, switched it off and spoke from my core. My team looked shocked. It felt sacred, like a temple; I felt love… I delivered my speech, and Colleen they gave me a standing ovation! That never happens in my industry.

“And afterwards, a decision-maker told me… 

‘…I came here today to shut down your project, but after that speech, I’m leaving your greatest supporter.’

She pioneered the change from paper shares to electronic in 3rd world countries and fought corruption in her sector.

I received a handwritten letter from a homeless mother of two toddlers whom I’d sent a cassette tape self-study course on Intuition (this was in the early 90s). She had insisted on paying and paying off the small affordable course over a year.

“Colleen, you’ve given me back to myself,” she wrote, telling me how by accessing her intuition, she had gained enough inner strength and clarity to get a job and find a home.

She had just been promoted when I called her to offer my love and support.

A professional golfer was at risk of losing his PGA card because of a 3-year losing streak. His wife, via a corporate client, asked if I could try to help. In a 60-minute session, I helped him find his Enneagram Type (9), which explained his lack of motivation; nines are not motivated by fame and fortune.

Then I shared my intuition tools, focusing on the ABCs method. He left with more of a spring in his step and won his next tournament. His wife sent a thank-you message.

“What could a boost in your intuition do for you?”

With AI chatbots offering typical life coaching (goal-setting, action plans, and accountability), you need to be more for others. InnerLifeSkills Intuition Coaching’s 7 Tools (part of InnerLifeSkills Life Coach Certification) are unique, empowering, and enlightening.

Colleen-Joy MCC Founder Director of Education

What if clients knew you could help them access the power of their wisdom. How would this set you apart from other coaches who stick to surface coaching? 




Your Life Coach Certification displays your 30 ICF Accredited Hours and lists your Intuition Coaching Module. This is accredited training which can be used for an ACC, PCC, or MCC ICF sought-after credential or towards your InnerLifeSkills full Master Coach Level 2 (previously ACTP) Certification. This also provides 30 hours ICF Core Competencies for credential renewals. 

Your Coaching Certification InnerLifeSkills

Everything you need to offer professional intuition coaching (more than life coaching).


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